Amazing Grace!

(Posted on 27th September 2014)

Something quite awesome dawned on me yesterday while I was meditating on some stuff, that the more I understand the grace of God, & how God desires for me to operate in it, the easier it is for me to discover God’s purpose for my life, because living under grace is THE way that God wants me to live, it’s the way He has designed my life to be lived. Therefore, if I’m not living under His grace as I’m supposed to, I can’t really discover that good, acceptable & perfect will that He has for my life, but as I renew my mind, as I get it transformed by the Gospel of Grace (which is what the Gospel is referred to as in scripture), my thoughts begin to align with God’s thoughts, my ways with His ways, & He is then able to reveal His plan for my life to me, because my thinking is aligned with His design for my life.

In the past few months I’ve been learning so much about the grace of God & discovering God’s love for me in a new & fresh way. At some point I was like, “WHAT HAVE I BEEN BELIEVING ALL THESE YEARS?!?” 🙂 The effect that this new understanding of grace has had on my comprehension of God’s plan for my life has been ENORMOUS!! Foundational I would say, hence the various posts by Joseph Prince, Creflo Dollar & Andy Stanley that I’ve been sharing on my timeline. When you truly understand God’s love for you, His grace towards you, you are compelled to share it with others. It finally hit me why it’s called the “Good” news, because it’s soooo good! UNBELIEVABLY, MIND-BLOWINGLY GOOD, and it just feels so wrong to keep it to yourself.

Grace now forms the basis of my approach to everything, & what I understood earlier as my purpose has now received new life. I am now even more excited to see the things that God is going to do through me. It’s as though I’ve gotten born-again again during this season – I am amazed at God’s love for me, AMAZED! Grace is not just a topic guys. Grace IS the Gospel.

This song by Hillsong Young & Free, “This is Living”, really captures a lot of what I,m experiencing now. Have a listen!

God bless you! 🙂


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