To forward or not to forward?

Something I’ve come to learn is not to ignore what friends share with me, especially when it’s friends in my close circles. Why? These are the people I pray together with & share life with, & I’ve discovered that many times when they share something with me (be it an article, a song, a book, a sermon, a link to check out, etc), it is God using them to answer a prayer I’d made at some point. I’ve discovered that, many times, God uses my friends & the people around me to answer my prayers, or give me direction, or to encourage me. Many times they didn’t know why they were sharing it (they just “felt” they should), other times it’s something they thought would minister to me.

I’ve found myself ignoring links that friends have shared with me (on Whatsapp, etc, because I “don’t have time to check it out” or some reason like that), then when I happen to come across the links again & check them out, I find that it was God using those friends to speak to me then.

So if a friend goes out of their way to share something with you (as an indivual, or in a WhatsApp group you belong to, etc), check it out. Therein may lie the answer you’re looking for, or the encouragement you need, or the direction/guidance you seek.

There are a number of times I’ve shared material with people because as I read it/listened to it/watched it, I was reminded of a prayer request they gave me, or a question they had, or a situation they were/are going through. Other times, I had no particular reason, other than there being a strong impression in my heart to share it with them. So for you as well, don’t ignore the promptings God puts in your heart to share stuff with others. You just never know what that might to for them. Some thoughts that have sought to keep me from sharing are: “This thing is too long, they won’t read it”, “They’ll think I’m trying to hit on them”, “These people will just think I’m a fanatic, 3 articles in one day?!!”, etc. What helps me get past these barriers is reminding myself that it would be selfish of me to put my reputation ahead of obeying God & being a blessing to someone else. It is possible that the person might think I’m hitting on them, but it is also likely that what I’m sharing with them is the answer they’ve been crying to God for.



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