SEX: It’s of God, & It’s Not Just Physical.

Sex isn’t just physical. However, culture has packaged it & propagated the view that it’s just physical, so much so that many of us, including believers in Jesus, think of sex as being just physical (something you engage in simply to fulfill your own sexual desires). Hence, when a believer in Jesus talks about sex, or about looking forward to having sex, the tendency is to think that the person is being carnal minded, & that if they were spiritual in their thoughts, they wouldn’t be thinking/talking about sex.

Sex is of God, it’s not just physical, & thinking/talking about it isn’t being carnal minded. It becomes carnal minded when your thoughts on it are solely determined by your physical senses, & not what God’s Word has to say about it as well.

The issue isn’t in thinking/talking about sex, but in HOW we think/talk about it, & we are the ones who determine whether the world influences our thoughts on sex, or whether God’s Word does that. It’s the things that we feed our minds with (through the things we watch, listen to, read, etc) that determine how we view & approach sex.

If the thoughts that come to our minds when we think about sex lean towards “SIN, EVIL, CARNAL”, then we need to check ourselves: we may be allowing ourselves to get influenced by the culture around us on this topic, more than God’s Word. If you tend to listen to music, watch programmes or movies that promote sexual sin, or stuff where people are committing sexual sin, you will tend to associate sex with sin (or approach it as something that believers in Jesus shouldn’t associate with/interact about). Moreover, it’s not just enough NOT to feed our minds with things relating to sexual sin. We also need to feed our minds with, and seek to understand God’s plan for sex, & how He’d like us to go about it. We need to see it as a gift He has given to us, & (for those of us who are single) seek to find out from Him how best we can prepare for it in this season of our lives. Sex isn’t everything in marriage, but it is an important part of it.

Sex is of God, it is good, & it’s not just physical. However, we need to be careful not to feed our minds with material that will lead us to think about it in ways that are contrary to God’s mind on the topic.

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