Experiencing God’s Love

Many times when we sense God ask us not to do something/listen to something/watch something, we usually challenge that prompting by telling ourselves that there’s nothing wrong with it, that it’s not sin, etc. We tend to be so sin conscious that we think whatever instruction God is giving us is an instruction to keep us from sin. The truth is He may actually want you to stop watching that program because it’s taking too much of your time & leaving you with little time to spend with Him. He may be telling you to stop buying the cheap, pirated movies because He wants you to trust Him in the area of your finances, trust Him to provide for you to buy the originals or go to the movies, or because He wants to broaden your understanding about how loving He is, wanting to show you that if you trust Him, He will sort you out on all these things that you think you’ll miss out on (the latest movies, songs, etc).


I believe that when we rationalize God’s leading in our lives, and brush it away because the thing He’s asking us not to do does not appear to be sinful, or we come up with a “good” reason for doing it, we end missing out on building an awesome relationship with God. We’ve minimized our relationship with God to Dos & Don’ts, seeing God as a taskmaster who’s just interested in us keeping certain laws. God loves us,and wants us to have a relationship with Him, & has great lives planned out for us. Allowing Him to speak into our lives and guide us in both the big and small areas opens us up to new realms of relationship & intimacy with Him.


So next time, don’t assume that God is telling you not to do something only because it’s a sin. Trust in His love for you and the fact that whatever He is asking you to do, He’s asking you because He loves you & has planned something good for you. Don’t view Him as a God who’s just interested in you living right. View Him as a loving Father who’s interested in your complete wellbeing, and who’s leading in your life is motivated by love.


Try it. Yield to His leading, & begin to experience His love for you in a more real & tangible way.


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