The Beginning (Again!)

So, today I start journaling. Again.
I started journaling a couple of times in the past, however this time feels different. There’s a greater excitement this time round. I’m “just back” from an online summit on influence & impact that I must say has had a huge impact on my life. I left that summit more motivated than ever to influence and impact my world in great ways.
Listening to the various speakers throughout the summit, many questions that I needed to ask myself came up, that I noted down and put aside to answer once I got some time (which ended up being after the end of the summit). I’ve been going through the questions over the past couple of days, and answering them has given me so much clarity in regards to how exactly God would want to use me to influence & impact my world.
I think for many of us, we struggle with thoughts about our significance, wondering whether we’re really making a significant impact in the lives of others. This recent summit gave me an opportunity to review all that I’ve been doing, especially online, and evaluate whether I’ve been having the influence & impact I’ve so desired.
At the end of the summit, I somewhat felt that I was getting into a season of new beginnings. This post is probably going to be the marker for the starting point of this new season. I’m really excited about what God is going to do through me in the coming weeks, months & years.
Something I learnt over the past week is that the thing God is going to use to impact the world is my life. My story. Simple. raw & from my heart. Journaling is usually something personal i.e. something you’re doing for yourself. Well, this post started off that way 🙂 However, as I’ve continued to write, it’s becoming more apparent to me that God’s desire is for me to live my life out in the open. It is my life story, open, raw & shared with the world, that He will use to draw people to Him.
The Bible verse, Matthew 5;14-16 (The Message), has found greater meaning in my life over the past few days. It’s what I’ve come to call my purpose verse. (Have a read if you can).
Father God, have your way. To you whose reading this, it is my prayer that as you read through this post, and those to come, that you will be inspired to pursue a deeper, more intimate relationship with God, even as I continue to seek the same.
Do you struggle with feelings of insignificance? How have you learnt to deal with them? Kindly share your experience below.

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