Quiet Time

It’s Saturday, & looking back, that was a great week. The week ended yesterday with a really fun office lunch & birthday bash. I’m really grateful for this group of people. They make the office a fun place to go to, a place I look forward to going to every week.
I woke up today debating on whether I want to work out or not. Eventually, I’ve found myself typing out this entry to my journal. As I’ve woken up the past few days, I’ve found God leading me towards having a more real/authentic time with Him. Usually I’d wake up and enter into this “what I’m supposed to do” mode & just start praying, not really thinking about the fact that I’m actually talking to someone. It’s sometimes easy to forget that God is a person and begin to relate with Him on autopilot, without actually being in the moment.
So over the past few days I’ve sensed God tell me to just be. To wake up & just talk to him as I would a friend. To not focus so much on what I’m “supposed to do” but to listen out for out He’s saying, or to just talk about what’s presently on my heart. So there’s a day this past week when instead of waking up & going immediately into autopilot prayer, God led me to continue with a conversation I’d been having with Him the previous night before I went to bed. I’d been going through some notes from a summit I attended & was just asking myself questions & seeking guidance from God. So I woke up that morning, went to the living room, opened up my laptop and continued with my convo with God. During that time we also went through a couple of scriptures related to my purpose & just thought over them.
After about an hour or so, it just hit me that I’d actually spent some good time with God that morning, different from how I’d have thought it would be. There’s usually this assumption in my head that to have Quiet Time with God, it has to be structured in this particular way, this particular format that I have to follow everyday. However, I’m learning how to just go with the flow.
Generally, I’m not a huge fan of routine. I like variety: in the food I eat, how I work out, etc. So I really enjoy it when I wake up one morning and my morning experience with God that day is different from that of the previous one, and different from the next one. There have been days when I’ve woken up and God would place certain songs in my heart and I’d play them on my iPad & just have a great time with Him, singing to Him & adoring Him. On one particular day, I woke up & didn’t really have the morning experience with God at home. So as I was heading to the office, I sensed God prompt me to go and have breakfast at Java, a local coffee place here in Nairobi (it’s as though he was telling me, “Let me treat you today, let’s go to Java for breakfast). While there, I ended up having a great time with Him, continuing with quite a raw & authentic conversation He’d started having with me a couple of days prior to that,  on sex & marriage, this time adding the influence of media into the conversation.
So nowadays, I seek to just wake up & see what God has in store for me. I may talk to him about the dream I just had, or something I’m expecting to happen that day, & we continue from there. I believe that God is not necessarily interested in us just fulfilling the rituals of reading our Bibles & praying everyday. His main desire is for us to develop an intimate relationship with Him, & prayer & reading the Bible are really just tools to help us build that relationship. The goal isn’t to read our Bible & pray everyday. The goal is to build relationship with God, & if we approach our times of prayer & reading the Bible with this mindset, we’ll end up having more fulfilling times with God.
Have a super day y’all!

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  1. susan says:

    I have always passed by your writings,today i was prompted to read and of all this has rang so true bringing back to a place where i shall do my quiet time with the Lord,regardless of all am tired busy excuses..thank you,i was blessed


    1. Imonje says:

      That’s great to hear Susan! I’m glad it was a blessing. Pass by again to read soon! 😊


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