Grateful for Friends

I’m really grateful for friends.
This past weekend has really been an amazing one. I met & hangout with several of my friends from different circles & was just reminded of how wonderful it is to have good friends in one’s life.
On my way home yesterday from a concert some friends & I attended, I was musing over that desire that usually pops up from time to time [or maybe every other tome :)]. That desire that we singles tend to have, of having this one person that we can share all the various aspects of our lives with. As I did so this time, I began to appreciate the friends I currently have in my life.
If I want to go on a coffee date, there are pals I can just holler at & we’ll meet up & have a great time. I’m part of a men’s group with some 4 other friends that’s really amazing, not forgetting the larger group consisting of us & our significant others [mine’s on the way :)]. We meet up from time to time and really just enjoy each other’s company. I have friends I connect with so deeply on matters relating to relationship with God & life in general. It is with these that I really enjoy having long conversations with the most. These are probably the people that know & understand the most about me & my life.
I have a close pal with whom no matter how long it’s been since we last spoke or met, we talk & interact like no time has elapsed in between whenever we do meet or chat. She recently traveled back to Japan to continue with her studies & we had such a great time hanging out while she was around.
It’s interesting to note [I’m actually noticing this now] that all these friends are people I’ve met in church circles.
Sometime back when I was joining Mavuno Church (October 2010, celebrating 5 years at Mavuno this month!), I’d been praying & asking God what the main reason was for Him leading me to join Mavuno. What He told me was that it was for fellowship. Looking back 5 years now, I see the fellowship. I’ve been able to build great friendships over these past few  years, life-long friendships I’d say, & the times we’ve spent together thus far have been amazing!
A benefit of all these friendships, that I’m now discovering I’d started talking about earlier in this post but ended up following a rabbit trail, is that they make it easier for me to focus on living out my purpose and enjoy life, & not worry too much about when I”ll get married. I have friends that I can hangout with, friends I can have intimate conversations with, friends that I can go on trips with, friends that I enjoy being around.
I love it!
Babe, thoughts of building a great life-long friendship with you cross my mind from time to time. However, I’m really grateful for the life-long friendships I’ve been able to establish thus far.
Life is good! 🙂

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