Yesterday was quite an interesting day. It was one of the few days I can remember when a public holiday followed a working day & I wasn’t even aware. I must really be loving this place (read workplace) 🙂
We had a couple of meetings at the office that left me quite excited about the future. I think I work for a really exciting organisation 🙂 Today is a public holiday & guess what I’m doing – work! Yeup! It’s not that I have to. I’m just excited about what is to be done. I’ve discovered that I really like getting focus in whatever it is I do. I’m always seeking to properly define whatever it is I do, have a well-defined bull’s eye, so that I can efficiently channel all my energies well towards the fulfilment of the goal. And this is not just in regards to work, but my life & journey of purpose. So I derive a lot of joy in asking myself questions, thinking through ideas, & looking into the future, so as to gain clarity on what path to follow & how to go about it.
So for today, there are a couple of videos lined up for me to watch, quite a number of articles I’ve been archiving that I need to read, as well as some more thinking to do.
Whatever your plan is for today, have a super day, won’t you?
Question: Are there any interesting things you’ve planned out for today? Kindly share them below. I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. You must really love your job lol. I have loots of highs and lows with mine, but I kinda love it too. Great post!


    1. Imonje says:

      Asante! Yeah, I do love it! 🙂 Learning a lot of stuff along the way, enjoying it as I grow into it.

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