God Prepares Us For Great Sex

It seems early mornings will be my time. It’s now 1:47 am & I’m sitting in the living room listening to music & reading emails. I went to bed quite early (8:30pm) so I’m quite rested now 🙂 I discovered that I tend to get a lot more done in quiet spaces with minimal distractions (save the intermittent howling of the neighbourhood dogs once in a while), hence my early morning rising.
A greater reason I’m excited about these early mornings is that they provide me with adequate time to spend with God. No hurrying, just some good conversation time with God. On other days when I’d wake up at around 3:30 or 4am, I’d find myself giving a certain amount of time to work & then having very limited time for quality interaction with God. I’m now excited about being able to piga story [chat] with God more extensively 🙂 It also became apparent to me that for this blog to have the impact that God would like it to have, I need to be spending adequate time with Him. I’m effectively sharing with you my life on this blog as it relates to my relationship with God (which captures pretty much everything in my life). Therefore, that relationship needs to be a vibrant one.
On a different tangent, having sought to have God guide me in the area of marriage & relationships, I’ve noticed God prepare me in a number of ways for a great marriage, & more recently, great sex. Not speaking from experience, but it’s my assumption that the more comfortable one is in their own nakedness, the easier it’ll be for them to give of themselves to their spouse (married folk, y’all can help me confirm this). I won’t, therefore, when it comes to the time of having sex with my wife, be too focused on myself & my insecurities [“Oh, I’m naked, what are they thinking about my tummy/tiny legs/figure?”]. I’m able to give them my body & focus on loving them with it (there’s a passage in the Bible that talks about once married, I yield authority over my body to my wife & vice versa, 1 Corinthians 7:3-5). So God has been leading me to be more comfortable with my body, & my nakedness in particular.
I’m reminded of a snippet I read from a book sometime back that talked about learning to appreaciate one’s body. It talked about how difficult it may be for some to stand naked in front of a mirror and think positively about the bodies they see in the reflection. The authors suggested, instead of dashing to dress up after taking that shower, taking time to be thankful for each part of one’s body, going through each part one by one. So, for example, starting with your face & being grateful for your eyes, noting that without them you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the beauty that God has created all around us. Being grateful for your arms, for without them you wouldn’t have been able to gain the masters degree you earned earlier in the year, & so on & so forth. The aim of all this was described as getting one to think positively about their body, replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones, leading one to appreciate their body more, & consequently serve their spouse more with their body.
So let’s just say I’m grateful that God isn’t only interested in me having a great spiritual connection with my spouse. He’s committed to having us enjoy great sex as well. How cool is that! 🙂

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