Soaked in Grace!

A new week begins. I’m so excited. Largely because I’m looking forward to getting soaked in my understanding of God’s grace. I’ve been praying recently, telling God that I desire to constantly live in the awareness of His amazing grace towards me. I still find myself time and again relating with Him as though I’m still under the law, or not trusting in His abundant provision as I should.
Yesterday as we chatted before I went to bed, I sensed God tell me to simply fill my days with moments of interacting with the word of His grace. That means reading through a devotional when I wake up, at lunch time, & in the evenings, listening to sermon snippets in between my day as I drive around or take my breaks…I’ve come to see that the more aware I am of God’s grace towards me, the better the quality of life I have. The less fear I operate in, & the more of His goodness I begin to see in my life. This is because my focus stops being on what I can do for God to get this & this, but on what Jesus has already done for me to obtain all that grace has made available.
Here’s to a great week ahead!

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