I’m back! :)

That was a good week. Got back from Kilifi on Sunday afternoon and was back at work on Momday. I count it a great privilege that my thoughts of work are not of gloom and horror. I really enjoy what I do at the office, together with the environment & the people with whom I work.

Being away for the staff retreat meant that I missed out on last week’s worship team rehearsals as well as leading worship on Sunday. It was good to be back this past week, and I was met with news of another engagement in the team. It’s been a somewhat active year in that regard on our team this year: one of us got married recently, there have been a couple of engagements, & a number of us have become parents of new-born babies.
I’d mentioned in one of my recent posts that I was going to expound a bit on prayer and how one can go about it in order to develop intimacy with God. I’ll do so soon (maybe even later on today, let’s see). This particular post was largely about registering my presence after an almost week long hiatus.
Talk to you soon!


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