Authentic God Conversations (Part I)

One of the foundational things that needs to be understood in order to have authentic conversations with God is that prayer is just that: a conversation. It being a conversation connotes that I speak & God listens, & at the same time God speaks & I listen. It’s two-way. I think for many people, prayer is equated to making requests to God, & if one has no request, then there’s no need to pray. Prayer is seen as a means of getting something from God/getting Him to do something, and not really as a means of communication with Him.

A book that revolutionized my relationship with God was “How You Can Be Led by The Spirit of God” by Kenneth E. Hagin. What this book did for me is that it made my relationship with God more real. It made God stop seeming like that guy up there in the sky, & revealed to me that he actually desires to be very intimate with me. It showed me that God had actually been speaking to me on a daily basis, & that the issue was that I didn’t know how to identify his voice. God became more personal to me. He was speaking to me & guiding me on everyday matters. If you can, I’d highly recommend that you get the book. It’s a life changer! There’s also a podcast series with the same title, “How You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God.” The title of the podcast is “Rhema for Today.”

If there are two things that have revolutionised my relationship with God, it is an understanding of the grace of God, and how to live a Holy Spirit-led life.

More of this in Part II of this series.


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