An Active Weekend

What a weekend! To Kisumu & back & a very active weekend on stage in church.I was quite exhausted at the end of Sunday.

We left Nairobi for Kisumu at 4:30am on Saturday, headed to Lusii for my grandma’s memorial service. I sensed that I should probably drive all the way (as opposed to shifting drivers), so even when we picked up my bro in Nakuru, I continued to drive. As we were approaching Lusii (the location of the home) I started having a headache on the side of my head, which seemed to somehow connect with a feeling of uneasiness in my tummy. I ended up having to pullover and switch with my brother, having tried to persevere for a while. My bro walked around & bought me some Eno to help out (suggested by my cousin Vanessa). It turns out that I was feeling nauseated (it had been a bit stuffy in the car). So we went the remainder of the way with my passenger-side window fully down, my head rested, & eyes closed. By the time we got to Lusii, my headache had subsided & was on it’s way out. I comfortably up & about in a few.

The memorial service was nice: short & sweet. At some point during the service the whole family was up at the front leading the rest in praise singing, “Nimetembea kote kote, nimetafuta kote kote, nimezunguka kote kote, hakuna na hatakuwepo.” We had a great time of bonding after the service, sharing a meal together & taking a lot of photographs. By around 4:30pm, we were headed back to Nairobi. I was so glad about this because it meant that I could make it to lead worship in church the following day. We got to Nairobi at 11pm & within an hour I was in bed.
Needing to be in church by 7:30am, I was up early & was able to make it to church on time. I was picking someone along the way, & I usually have this debate in my head as to whether I should play music, or playing the sermons that usually want to play most of the time (but often don’t when with others in the car). This time roundI continued playing the sermons, & was glad I did later on in the day when I noted that the sermon of the day at church was about the a lot of the things we’d been listening to earlier in the day. Even as I was heading back home in the afternoon, I decided to play the sermons again. I noticed that I was quick to reduce the volume when someone approached the car. Why was I so self-conscious? Why did I care what others would think? Wanting to be real & open, not caring much what others will think, has been something I’ve been seeking to be. Lord help me with this.


Over the previous week, I’d done a lot of practice for our Christmas choir performance for this Sunday, but interestingly enough, even as we did the sound check on Sunday morning, there were a couple of parts that I didn’t quite seem to get, which bugged me. However, I just spoke out & said that I won’t worry about it, trusting that things will work out, & lo & behold! The performances went on well. The parts I had had issues with earlier were a breeze, & we really got to enjoy ourselves. It was a great reminder to me about learning to cast all my cares to God & trusting that He’ll sought everything out. I wasn’t so confident at the sound check that things would go as well as they did, but I was pleasantly surprised & loved it. 
Usually, as I go about my day, there are action points that God usually impresses on my heart. So He gave me some yesterday & prompted me to note them down, lest I forget them. It’s something I use to do but somehow stopped doing. Me typing this out is one of the action points I noted down. I haven’t been journaling that often, but it’s something I felt prompted to start doing continually, especially after how I saw come through for me earlier with the choir performance. There are those times in life when you may doubtful about a particular situation, & whether God will really come through. At those times, it is great to be able to look back & remember the times God came through when all seemed lost. So I’m seeking to make this journaling thing a daily do, so help me God πŸ™‚ 


A thought that’s been on my mind recently is that if something is important to me, it should be reflected in how I spend my time. There’s an exercise I recently did while going through 2016 planning program that led me to identify the priority areas of my life, & at the top was my relationship with God. However, I don’t think I’ve been giving it the amount of time it deserves. I mean I listen to sermons while I’m having breakfast, driving to & from work, I’ll read a devotional before getting into the office, etc, but in regards some good one-on-one time with me & God, I haven’t been having much of that. So among my list of things that I sensed God prompt me to do is get back to having the early morning sessions I used to have with Him not too long ago. The interesting thing is, I’ve been having this desire to just sit down & read certain passages of Scripture, & interact with God about them, but I’d never really set out the time. So I’m quite excited to be getting into that as soon as I’m done typing this [thinking about the Digestive biscuits & hot chocolate I’ll have as I do that as well 😊]. So I was up by 2am today, looking forward to some great bonding time with my Father. Something I’ve noted is that whenever I start my days in this way, the day turns out so well. 
There’s a sermon by Joseph Prince I’ve been listening to, where he speaks about how in the same way God provided daily manna for the Israelites while they were in the wilderness, is the same way he supplies with daily bread today. That for each day, there’s a particular Word that God has for me. All I have to do is show up & receive it. A number of times for me, it’s been through the daily devotional that I’ll read before getting into work. I’m looking forward to the experiences and daily bread I’ll be getting from this extended time with God.
Off I go to prepare my early morning treat. Have a super day ahead, won’t you?


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