Caroling in Candlelight

Yeup, that was the plan yesterday evening. I’d seen an event on Facebook not too long ago advertising a “Christmas Carols By Candlelight” service & thought it would be pretty cool, considering it was being held outdoors. Some colleagues and I got to attend & had a good time there (photos below).


The event was organized by Karen Vineyard Church, & I got to find out that this wasn’t the first time they were organizing this event. It had actually taken place last year as well. If you’re looking for caroling event next year, this would be a good one to consider. However, get there on time, because they start on time. Don’t do what my friend did, “Ah, si it says singing will start at 6pm? Then it means they’ll start at around 7/7:30pm.” He came & found the service was over, this being after the singing team had even done an encore.


I had to make a decision yesterday about either attending the carol service or a rehearsal for our Christmas concert this coming weekend. I weighed the options & decided since we’ll still be meeting this coming Friday to do a similar rehearsal, I’d plan to make it for that one, & spend extra time rehearsing alone before then.
Work yesterday was great! A couple of ideas of things we could do at work came to mind, & I quickly shared them with the team, who were quite appreciative of the ideas & thought they were brilliant. I’m excited about us implementing them & seeing the results thereof. 
Looking forward to an even more productive Thursday. Have a super day ahead, won’t you?


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