Take The Limits Off Of God

An interesting thought came to mind yesterday while I was thinking about a couple of friends that I thought I might share with you. I have some friends who are currently looking for new places to stay, & the difficulty usually comes up in finding a house that fits one’s budget. And so we ask around, & look for houses in those areas that we think we can afford. Moreover, a lot of the time as we do this, we pray to God & ask Him to help us find a good, affordable house.

However, something I’ve been learning to do is take the limits off of God. It is quite possible that God can get me a house that I can afford. It is also very possible that God can get me a house that I can’t afford. If I can trust God for the small affordable house, why not do the same for big “unaffordable” one? What usually happens is that we tend to limit what God can do by thinking small. For example, you actually don’t have to pay rent to live in a good house. To stay in that house that’s double or triple the rent you’re willing to pay, God has innumerable ways of getting you there. Your mum’s friend could be leaving the country for a year, & is in need of someone who can stay at her house and take care of it. She’ll pay for the electricity & water bill for whoever comes in. All she needs is a responsible single lady she can trust. And no, she’s not charging rent. Do you believe that’s possible?

We have nothing to lose by believing God for big things. Jesus came that we may enjoy life (John 10:10), & sometimes that house that’s going for 10k or 12k may not be at a place you like. Instead of limiting your possibilities to your budget, & chiding yourself about being too ambitious, go look for a house in the area in which you’d like to stay. Don’t even think about how much rent is to be paid. Go to the houses, ask to have a look at them, & walk around. “Sit” in the sitting room, adjust your hair in the bathroom mirror, walk out & enjoy the view from the balcony…see yourself staying there. Then make your request known to God. Tell Him that you’d like to stay there. You have no idea how it will happen, but that’s not something you need to worry about. If you can trust God for the small things, why not trust Him for the big?

We don’t have to earn everything we have. God isn’t limited to getting you a car only through your savings. We don’t have to deserve everything we get. God gave His Son Jesus to come & die for us, to take our sin & give us His righteousness instead, when we least deserved it. That’s grace. Amazing grace. And if God could give us Jesus, for free, unearned, unmerited, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things (Romans 8:32)?

So, trust God for the big things. Take the limits off of Him. Don’t lean on your pocket, but rather lean on God’s grace. You need not earn it. You need not deserve it. Just ask & receive.


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