Headaches Are From Hell!

It’s so true what Jesus said: “the thief (devil) comes only but to steal, kill & destroy.”
So today I wake up early, psyched for the day, & what do I find? This ka-headache on the right side of my head. I’m like, “no, you’re not going to mess my day.” Usually (for 2/3 days during the past week) it would disappear after a short while as I just sat in bed & chilled. I think today I just got jittery: I got up, tried to walk it out, pray it out, paced up & down in my room…nothing. At some point my tummy started acting up as well & I almost puked (but didn’t thankfully).
After a while, I remembered that just sitting down on my bed & not doing anything had worked earlier. So I just got back into bed & chilled. All this time I was getting worried that I’d have to go with the headache to choir practice [side note: if you’re in Nairobi, you need to come to our Christmas service tomorrow at Mavuno Hill City – it’s going to be awesome! Not your everyday Christmas service]. I’d even considered excusing myself. But I took some Eno, chilled in my bed & closed my eyes, & the headache was gone in a short while (the tummy issue as well).
I still have no idea what’s causing the headaches. Seems it might be something with one of my teeth…I don’t know. Maybe it’s time for that dentist checkup [the one my office deskmate is also long overdue for ☺️].
The joy of today was almost stolen by a silly headache, but thank God! I took a position of rest, & the headache went. Now to relax and prepare for tomorrow. Y’all best come!


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