Praying in Tongues & Building Intimacy with God

Happy New Year err’body! I hope the new year has started off well for you. I’ve had an interesting start to the year & even shared some of it with some friends recently. So I thought, why not share the same on the blog. So even as share, I’ve began this year with a sense of what God would like me to focus on as I start it off, & it’s two things: go deeper in my relationship with Him (build greater intimacy), & to be deliberate about going deeper in relationships with people He’s brought, & will bring my way. I’m quite excited about this! My post today expounds a bit on the “going deeper with God” aspect.

Here’s to an amazing 2016!

Hey guys. So, the story I wanted to share.
So I was just thinking earlier this week about how for a long time, I’d always thought that marriage was a central theme in my purpose, but over time, this has changed. Marriage is still a part of it, & will probably be a very big part of it. However, I discovered that what is actually central is an intimate relationship with God, intimacy here meaning God being deeply involved in every area of our lives, us having communion with Him on the big & small things of our lives, us speaking to Him, & He speaking back to us.
Whenever I think about marriage & what exactly it is I’m excited about, it’s having God walk with me from pre-dating to marriage, seeking His counsel on every single thing, & having Him guide me towards the best marriage possible. However, as time has gone by, I’ve realised that the desire I have is to actually live the best life possible, to have God walk with me & guide me in EVERY area of my life. What I desire to inspire the world to do is have daily conversations with God about their life. In very much the same way, if you had your best friend by your side EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of your life, it’s highly unlikely that you would only speak to them in the morning before you leave the house, & in the evening before bed. As you’d experience various things during the day, you’d be like,
“Can you imagine this dude? The nerve…”,
“Wah, this project is hard! Do you have any ideas on how I can make it simpler?”,
“I really don’t feel like speaking to her. Last time we spoke…”
Now, it’s not just your best friend by your side. It’s God, your Heavenly Father. & I’m learning that talking to God about the various areas of my life is really enriching my experience of life.
On top of that, my times of praying in tongues are becoming more & more conversational. Before, I’d just pray & not do much in my mind. I’ve been learning how to have conversations with God in my mind even as I pray in tongues. I usually find as I’m praying in tongues that He reminds me of various things that happened during the day, or gives me insight on different matters…it’s like we have a back and forth on different issues in my mind, gaining wisdom on how to go about various things.
The premise for my purpose in life is, the more intimate your relationship with God, the better the life you live. The more God is involved in a certain area of your life, the more you experience the abundant life He has planned for you in that area. And one thing that builds intimacy is time together in conversation.
So starting this week, I identified some key areas in my life and allocated different mornings of the week for intimate convo with God on those areas. #LYFINCOLOUR is a phrase that captures this amazing life God has planned for us, & [some friends & I] opened a page titled #MARRIAGEINCOLOUR not too long ago. So beside a #MARRIAGEINCOLOUR prayer day, I also have #EMPLOYMENTINCOLOUR, #ENTREPRENEURSHIPINCOLOUR #FRIENDSHIPINCOLOUR & #LEADERSHIPINCOLOUR prayer days. These are now the various areas of my life I’m planning to spend time praying in tongues about, & having convos with God on each week.
What’s really excited me is, I’ve had great times of prayer when they weren’t necessarily focused on a particular area. & I’ve learnt that in order for me to show the world how amazing employment with God can be, how amazing entrepreneurship, friendship, marriage, leadership with God can be, I need to be having intimate conversations with God on these areas, because at the centre of the wow experience in these areas, will be the fact that I talk to God about them, & He’s continually talking to me about how to go about each of them.
Praying in tongues & having my mind focused on a particular area of life = an enriching prayer time & divine solutions and ways of going about them, plus a greater sense of God’s amazing, ever-constant love for me.


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