God Doesn’t Want Robots. He Wants Relationship. (#GoingThruTheGospels)

Greetings guys. So, I’ve recently started going through the Gospels (the books Matthew, Mark, Luke & John in the Bible), reading through the story of Jesus and interacting with God on the things that stand out for me as I read.

Some of the things that stood out for me, and that I’ve noted down for further conversation with God, are (I’m at Matthew 3, reading from the Message Bible):

  • John the Baptist lived on a diet of locusts & wild field honey. Nothing that looks like a balanced diet, & yet he lived on it. Is it reeeaaally necessary to stress over having to have carbohydrates, protein & vitamins in every meal of my day? I mean if John the Baptist survived on locusts and honey, & I don’t see sittings in scripture of him being sickly…
  • What did John the Baptist mean when he was asking the people to “Repent, for the kingdom of God is here”? Was he asking them to change their mind (the Greek word for “repent” is metanoia, which means “change your mind.” & no, I don’t know Greek. I just listen to people who do ☺️)? Change their mind about what exactly?
  • Why were people leaving the cities & towns to come & listen to John the Baptist? It may have been because of his message. People probably hadn’t heard something like it before, a la the content of his message. Or maybe it was partly to do with the combination of his interesting lifestyle & his preaching. The passage also says that some Pharisees & Saducees came because it was becoming the popular thing to do at the time, it was the “in” thing.

Something I’m noticing as I read through the gospels is that, certain things tend to stand out for me here and there. They bring up questions in my mind, and I field them to God. As I continue to read/go on with my life, I find God giving me the answers to the questions I’d asked, making clear things that were unclear before. The tendency for some people is to skip something they don’t understand/that seems contradictory to other parts of scripture, without seeking clarity from God on the issue. Contrary to what many have said, or continue to say, asking God questions, seeking understanding from Him, is a great contributor to a healthy relationship with Him. God wants to engage with us deeply, interact with us about the various areas of our lives, & about His Word too. He wants a relationship. He doesn’t want robots.

I’m really enjoying this time going through the Gospels. It allows me to interact with God on interesting things I come across as I read. Certain things pop out for me that I’d never thought about/seen before. It also helps a lot when you’re doing it in a relaxed space, when you’re not in a hurry, with a cup of hot coffee & an orange yoghurt muffin to go with it (as I’m doing right now 😊). The same way you’d pick a nice environment for a date with your special someone, a great environment for time with God helps as well.

If you’d like to join me on this journey through the gospels, welcome! I’d love to know what interesting things you come across as you do so, as well as the questions that come to mind. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

Until next time…


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