My Fellow Artiste, be YOU!

Thinking out loud:
Do we really need to try & find a Kenyan sound, musically speaking? I mean, what’s the “American” sound? What’s the “British” sound? Isn’t trying to have a sound like Nigerians or South Africans in itself not being true to who we are?

I think we need to release ourselves & just BE. Don’t try to sound African. Just be you. If what is “you” sounds like what Americans sing/rap, rock yourself (no pun intended 😊)! Stop trying to be someone or something you’re not. It’s in trying to be who you naturally aren’t that you lose what you were specifically meant to bless the world with.
I’ve heard a lot about Kenya, & it being a country that God will greatly use to impact this world. Us not having a particular sound & having songs/genres influenced by other cultures, songs that may sound American, Congolese, etc, may actually a blessing in disguise.
Whether or not we end up getting a “Kenyan” sound, my fellow artiste, be YOU!


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