So you’ve gotten up late and have only a few minutes to prepare to go to work. You dash into the shower and are out again in less than 5 minutes. You turn on the iron and quickly peruse your wardrobe for your OOTD (Outfit Of The Day :-)). As you get dressed, you figure you won’t have time to eat a proper breakfast, so you pack some bread for the office and also throw in some fruits into the blender for a quick smoothie. You pick up your laptop bag and keys, and out you go!

Today’s packed with back to back meetings, & you’ll probably only have a few minutes to grab something to it. Thank God for the vending machine at the office, otherwise you’d starve the whole day!

You get back home in the evening after a loooong day & are tired! You don’t see yourself going into that kitchen to cook anything. Weetabix is such a plan right now! You grab a bowl, throw in the wheat biscuits, pour some milk & honey on top, & plomp yourself in front of the TV to catch up with your favourite series.

So why this story? Due to the hectic days many of us have, finding time to eat well tends to be a problem. And this is true not only for our physical food, but our spiritual food as well.

Even with the busyness of our days, we tend to find some time here and there for a snack, something to keep us going. We, however, rarely do that for our spiritual food. If, throughout our day, we’re unable to get a chunk of 30 minutes to spend with God in His Word, the day goes by without having spent any time interacting with God. The interesting thing is, the pressure to have to have 30 minutes or more during the day to spend time with God/talk to Him is usually self imposed. Perhaps your schedule doesn’t allow for that much time during the day. However, in the same way that we’re able to grab a snack here, & grab a snack there in the course of the day, is the same way we can grab some 5 minutes of time here, and 5 minutes of time there to read a devotional, listen to a 3-4 minute podcast, or meditate on that verse of scripture that really stood out for you during last Sunday’s sermon.

Now, snacking isn’t meant to be a lifestyle, however, capturing brief minutes during the day to connect with God in His Word, pray, etc, helps us to be aware of His presence with us as we go about our day. You may be dealing with a tough client, or have a project whose deadline is fast approaching, and it tends to be at times like these that remembering that God is with us where we’re at leads us to receive grace from Him for the task at hand.

So even as you start your day, identify “snacks” that you can munch on during the day: an article here, a verse of scripture there, a snippet of sermon, etc. Below are some links to some good snack outlets 🙂


Have a super day!


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