God Has So Much That He Wants To Tell Us! [A Lesson From An Evening Walk]

Waah! There’s really so much God that God wants to tell us.
I’ve just come from what I thought was going to be a walk to the shop & back home, but alas!
Many times when we think about spending time with God, we sometimes picture ourselves pounding heavens doors with our requests.
I was walking back home some moments ago, & I just started talking to God about the thoughts that were then on my mind.

That convo then evolved into a sing – through of tomorrow’s worship set. I discovered some time back that whenever I set aside time to just sing through it & worship God through it, He gives me guidance on how to lead the set: what Scripture to read where, what phrase in a song to emphasize, what musical arrangement to use, etc. The same happened today. I was praying & telling God about how I want to worship together with Mavuno tomorrow & not just lead them. This guided sing through ended up getting me more connected with, & excited about tomorrow’s worship.
Still along those lines of God having a lot to say to us, earlier this week, I woke up early to spend some time on office work, but that time ended up being spent having a convo with God about marriage, roles, & a particular lady I’ve been thinking about, one that He seems to be leading me towards more & more, especially after that convo.
My takeout from that walk this evening is that there’s so much God wants to share with me: to encourage me, to advise me, to guide me, to reassure me, to confide in me. I just need to make the time. This needs to be a constant part of my life.
Have a good night! & welcome to service tomorrow at Mavuno Hill City! 🙂 Service starts at 10!


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