“If We Ask Anything According To His Will…”

“Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.”
~ 1 John 5:14 NKJV
So I’ve just booted my laptop and I read the above verse that’s on my wallpaper. As I read it & think through it, what stands out for me is that when asking of something from God, what comes first is an understanding of His will regarding that issue, not the prayer. That I first discover what His will is (regarding healing, provision or whatever the case may be), then I ask confidently based on that understanding of His will, knowing that He hears me.
Many times we approach prayer with no understanding of God’s will, praying “God if it’s Your will, please heal so & so”, “If it’s Your will, please provide for me/so & so”, and then we determine if it was his will based on whether we get the answer to our request or not.

What I’m learning from the above scripture is that I need to be confident about whether the thing I’m asking for is according to His will, & His will is revealed to me through His Word. It is in God’s Word that I find out what His will is. It is from there that I then make my request, with the confidence that God is hearing me because I’m praying in accordance to His will.
So instead of approaching prayer clueless of God’s will, I should take some time to find out from His Word whether what I’m asking for is in accordance with His will. Then I can be confident that He hears me, because I know that whatever it is I’m asking for is in accordance to His will.


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