IN PLAIN SIGHT: Lessons from an Early Morning Kickboxing Session


A great start to the week!

Today’s the 3rd straight day that I’ve been consistent with my morning workouts, and boy what a difference that is making! I’m panting less, I have more energy throughout, & I’ve just tried out, on a higher key, a song I’ve been working on & it was quite comfortable!

The workouts have been a mix of kickboxing & cardio workouts. In regards to the kickboxing, I noticed something interesting today. You know the closer you get to the end of the workout, the more tired you become. In the middle of the workout, I thought of imagining a figure in front of me that I was actually punching and kicking, & BOOM! A fresh burst of energy came through from “nowhere!” That got me thinking on just how powerful targets/goals (& more so visual ones) are in our lives. Initially, I was just punching and kicking, focusing on a spot on the wall, but once I had an image of someone in front of me, the adrenalin just kicked in.

You may be running your business going about your daily norms: waking up, getting to the office, having meetings, signing cheques, etc, with no particular picture of your business’s goal/vision in mind, & making some level of progress. However, you’re more likely to go about your daily endeavours with more vigour, more drive, with a greater sense of purpose, if you have a clear image of what it is your business is seeking to fulfill.

As you begin this new week, what image are you setting before you? What is the thing that you wake up everyday seeking to accomplish. Create a clear picture of it. Have it as your laptop wallpaper. Post it on a wall im your office. Keep it in sight all day & throughout the week. It’ll give that much needed boost to your life, & give greater meaning to what may seem like normal, routine, daily activities.

Siku njema! [Have a good day!]


2 Comments Add yours

  1. pearlshidden says:

    Wow! This has just given me impetus for something I’ve been working on, thanks for sharing.


    1. Imonje says:

      Oh, great! You’re welcome 😊


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