Placing Jesus at the Centre, Practically. 

​Placing Jesus at the centre of our lives is something we Christians tend to talk a lot about. However, this question came to mind this morning, “How do I actually do that in practical ways?” And it so happens that I’ve recently felt prompted to dedicate a certain amount of time each morning, to listen to messages/sermons that are centered around Jesus & the Gospel/the good news about His grace. I recalled that and in my mind I went, “That’s it!” A way I can ensure that Jesus has the central place in my everyday life is by beginning my days hearing about Him, & hearing from Him; that that time spent learning more about Him & His love & grace then shapes the rest of my day.
“Jesus at the Center” now has more practical meaning for me. I’m excited about what God has for me in the coming days. The thought of being able to spend some good time with Him this morning pushed me out of bed when that sleep was oh so lovely 🙂 The more time I spend with Him, the more like Him I become, the more His ways, personality, mannerisms rub off on me 🙂
Good morning y’all! 🙂


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