Pep in My Step 

​It’s great living life with that pep in your step, that exciting drive for what lies ahead.
I watched a Seth Godin interview by Marie Forleo earlier this evening and my takeouts and online engagements thereafter gave me quite a jolt of energy, a strong drive for the next thing that awaits me.
I have a friend with whom we’d toyed over the idea of recording some of our phone conversations and sharing them with the world, largely because of how we end up entertaining each other during the convos, and also because of the discussions and insights that come about as we share with each other stuff God is teaching us and the goings on in our lives. She’ll be coming into the country soon, and so we’ll explore that idea further and see how it goes. Keep it here for more info that!”
One of my key takeouts from the Seth Godin video I referred to earlier was this, and he mentioned this in reference to his habit of blogging daily: “Write like you talk; no one gets talker’s block.” That just hit home for me, especially because I seek to blog in the same way I speak. I was quite inspired by that, so you can expect more frequency in my blog posts. I’m actually aiming at daily blogging. I’m quite excited!
What you can expect? Insights I gather throughout the day, interesting videos and articles I come across, all intertwined within the story that is my life.
Have a good night!


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