Learning to Focus and Receive 

​It’s been a good day. Some laughter, quite a bit of reflection…There was something that I thought was quite cool that happened earlier today. I was driving on my way to a meeting and a friend was playing some music on her phone. The song that played first was written as though it was God singing to the listener (It was a song by Mwanga Band, not sure of its name though). I was singing along to the song (it was a new song to me) and then towards the end of the song, I sensed God tell me, “Dude, si for once you just listen and receive what I’m telling you, receive my love for you. Mpaka you’re singing along to a song that’s from me to you?…” So I asked my pal to restart the song (at the time she was like “Why??”), and I listened, and received, and thought, “This is good. I should do this more often [listening intently to songs].” 
I found sometimes I get excited about a song or just sing along to songs I hear, many times without being a focus on listening and just receiving what the song is saying, letting the words sink in & meditating on them.
I’m looking forward to doing this a bit more now. My current playlist is filled with quite a variety of songs, songs by artistes like Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Jesus Culture, Brian Mcknight, Craig David, Yemi Alade, Tamar Braxton, Bethel Music…
Off to bed! Feel free to leave a comment. Do you also experience the same thing, finding yourself singing along to almost every song & sometimes not being in the moment/internalising the song? Share your experience! I’d love to hear about it!
Have a good night! 🙂 


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