Purpose & Friendships

​So my long awaited pal finally arrived into the country this past week and we got to do some catching up today: went for Ms. Kendi Nkonge’s amazing gig (#ChaiSufuriaManenos), then went for dinner afterwards. As we chatted over dinner, somethings came up that I identified as being things I’m grateful for. As a single brother looking forward to marriage at a time not too far from now :), I’m grateful for 2 things that give me a drive and excitement to live: a growing understanding and clarity about my purpose in life, and great friendships.
I believe that if I didn’t have these two, my life would probably revolve a lot around marriage and my desire for it. I love it that there are things I’m looking forward to engaging in, plans and dreams that I’m excited about bringing to pass. It’s so exciting to see God lead me step by step as I discover these wonderful plans He has for my life, seeing piece by piece coming together to form this tapestry of purpose.
I love friendships, especially those deep intimate ones, where we get to share our lives with each other and walk with each other, enjoying each other’s company in the process. Real, deep friendships are such great things to have, and in the middle of pursuing purpose and deeper friendships, I’ve found that my desire for marriage has been tempered. I’m not necessarily desperate because as is, life is great (maisha ni mazuri)! 
So for you, with whom I’m developing friendship, in whatever space it is that we interact, be it at church, in lifegroup, men’s group or life in general, I am grateful. For the passion that burns within, that gives me hope for greater tomorrow, I am grateful.
Discover your purpose. Build authentic friendships.
Have a good night peeps! 🙂 
PS: The Final Twakutukuza Concert is taking place tomorrow, 4pm at Nairobi Chapel! From what I’ve heard about the first two shows, it’s going to be an amazing time!



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