Actively Waiting & Trusting in His Love for Me

​A couple of things have been on my mind that I really need clarity from God about, regarding what particular next steps I should take.
What I’ve felt God impress in my heart to do is to now be more deliberate regarding the time I spend with Him, & ensuring that I do spend that time with Him. It’s very easy for me to think that God is leading me to tackle an issue in a particular way when all I think about is that issue, trying to figure out which way to go.
However, what I’m continuing to learn is that after making my request to God for that clarity, the best thing I can do is then take my eyes away from the issue and put them on Him, trusting that He has heard me and will lead me accordingly. 
It’s when I’m in this posture (not musing too much over the issue, trusting that God has heard me) that it’s easier for me to hear God. My focus will be away from the issue so much so that when God speaks to me about it, I’ll know it’s Him, because the issue wasn’t on my mind and therefore I won’t confuse God’s leading for my own thinking.
The thing about worry/anxiety is that it keeps our minds full of our own thoughts & doubts, leaving little or no room for God’s voice & leading to be clear to us. If there’s an issue you’re seeking clarity from God about, present the issue to God in prayer, & let it go. Trust that He has heard you and is already at work to answer you. Take your eyes away from the issue and place them on God, on the thing He’s presently asking you to focus on. It’s when you’re in this kind of posture that it’ll be easier for you to hear His response to your prayer.
You may be tempted to go back and wallow om the issue, worry about why it’s taking long. However, trust in Your Father’s love for you. Trust that He heard you when you prayed. Trust that He’s already at work. Keep your eyes away from the issue and place them on His love. The more focused you are on His love, the more faith will rise inside you, for you will grow in confidence in the fact that His love will never fail. He said it, He’ll do it.
Just focus on His love for you and what He is presently placing in your heart for you to focus on, and see Him come through for you.
He’s gatchu!

So what I’m doing now is ensuring that I consistently and frequently spend time with Him, learn from Him and about Him, listening to sermons, having conversations with Him, for it’s as I focus on Him, not my circumstances, that I’ll get the clarity and direction I’m seeking.

“Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.”

~ Matthew 6:34 MSG

Good morning peeps! 🙂 


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