So, sometime yesterday, my office desky (deskmate) and I were discussing a suggestion she had for a movie plot we could do as an office. The plan was to go and watch Fantastic Beasts at IMAX on an early morning. However, the only movie scheduled to show at the day & time when everyone in the office was available was a Star Wars film, which erm…let me just say wouldn’t work 😀

All this time, I only had the IMAX in town as a possible venue. Desky suggested that I check the schedule for the IMAX in Garden City and see what’s available. In my head I was like “Garden City? But that’s hukooo…it’ll mean waking up early, then the possibility of traffic coming back…we’ll spend almost half the day away” So I shared these concerns with her, thinking that she’ll definitely see my point (all this is taking place on a Whatsapp chat by the way). She responds saying that there usually isn’t much traffic on the way back [She lives in Thika], and no traffic on the way to Garden City [so basically hiyo explanation yangu…]. At this point I’m just like, “Why the back and forth? Why isn’t she seeing my point?” So I “whoosa”, then decide to check out and see what movie will be showing at Garden City [perhaps we’re here debating and the Star Wars film is also showing there :D].

8 minutes later, my search is unsuccessful, and just as I’m about to respond to Desky to inform her of my unsuccessful endeavour, she sends a message saying, “Buuuuuuut, whatever you amua [decide on]…I’m OK with 😀 😀 😀 ”  I see this and I’m like, “Oh no, she probably thinks I’m angry, having read her last message, the blue ticks confirming it, and having not responded [I was researching on Garden City]. I respond explaining my inability to find details of the Garden City IMAX schedule and she remembers that they actually don’t have it online.

Aaaanyway, why the long story? Well, it got me thinking about how conflicts probably arise within a marriage, and about a statement Pst. Pete Odera mentioned at a recent book launch, about how learning to resolve conflict well is probably the biggest thing you can do to help your marriage. At some point during my convo with Desky, I had to remind myself that “love doesn’t insist on having it’s own way (1 Corinthians 13:5).” This was just one incident where there was a small clash, but I’m imagining in a marriage the opportunities for conflict are much more. There will probably be many situations where my perspective on a matter will be completely different from that of my spouse. At that point I’ll need to make a decision: to either insist on having my own way or let love have its way.

So I’m embracing these opportunities to deal with conflict that are presenting themselves to me right now, using them as a training ground for my marriage. Why wait to built that love muscle in marriage when I can do it now, and make things easier for me then? 😀

Have a good day peeps!

[Posted with the permission of beloved Desky :D]


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