Purpose and The Importance of Being Part of a Church Community

It’s difficult for the eye to know its purpose away from the body. It is its presence in the body that gives purpose to it. 
It can’t fulfill what it was designed to do unless it’s on the body. Sight is one of the five human senses. Without the human, the eye serves no purpose. 
It’s in the body that it’s connected to the relevant blood vessels and nerves that allow it to function as it should, coordinating with the other parts of the body to enable the human to make movements.
As believers, life wasn’t meant to be lived in solitude. Purpose can’t be fully expressed and lived if we are not connected to the other parts of the body.
There are smaller gatherings of believers (“churches” we commonly call them), aside from the global church, that we’ve each been called to be a part of.
I strongly believe that our ability to live out all God has called us to be, as well as help others do the same, is linked to how connected we are to our local church.
If you know that God has called you to be part of a certain congregation, it is to your advantage, and those in that congregation, that you engage fully. Attend service. Be part of a lifegroup/cell group. Serve in a ministry. Be present. 
Absence from the body hinders you from fully living and experiencing the life God has designed for you. You cannot experience #TheGoodLife God has prepared for you away from the body of believers He has called you to.
So align. Engage. Be a part of the body. Contribute your part and let others do the same to you, and see your life take a turn for the better.


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